Artesian Springs water has a natural pH range of 8.0

The pH of Artesian Springs water perfectly matches the needs of the human bloodstream.  This is alkaline water that is easily absorbed and assists in the homeostatic functioning of cells and organs throughout the body.  Artesian Springs water is bottled from its original state and is alkaline because nature makes it that way.

The importance of alkalinity to human health can never be underestimated.  Leading biochemists and physiologists have recognized acid/alkaline balance as an imperative measure of the health of living beings.  If the blood does not maintain a balance within the pH range of 7.356 to 7.456 (on a 14-point scale), the vitality of our organ systems becomes threatened.  Blood at a pH of 7.45, which is the high end of the blood pH range, contains 64% more oxygen than blood at a pH of 7.3 (the low end).  This means that the higher our blood's pH, the more oxygen is made available for healthy cellular function. Keeping our blood pH as close to 7.45 as possible allows for optimal metabolism and enhances our ability to fight disease.

If the drinking water you are consuming is in an acidic state (which is what you will find in most commercial drinking water on the market), the result is that your blood may be in a chronically acid condition.  Chronic acidity reduces the delivery of oxygen to your cells, decreases the ability of the blood to neutralize and dispose of harmful toxins, and can ultimately leach your body of precious vitamins and minerals.  For example, when blood is in a more acidic state it will draw on the stores of calcium and magnesium in our bones and teeth in an attempt to reestablish the acid/alkaline balance.  The leaching of calcium and magnesium is one of the biggest contributors to tooth decay, kidney stones and diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis. (Read: Balance is More Than a Concept - Deborah Page Johnson)

Most commercially sold drinking water is tap water or surface water from a lake, river or stream that has been purified by a process called “reverse osmosis.”  The reverse osmosis process is a mechanical process of forcing water under high pressures through a very fine filter.  The water that results from this process is actually in an ultra-acidic state, generally devoid of minerals—unless they have been artificially added—and is not fit for prolonged drinking.

The experience of drinking alkaline water in its original state is palpably more enjoyable and refreshing than drinking commercially filtered or alkalinized water.  You will feel and know the difference intuitively. Time and again, we have confirmed that even household pets prefer drinking Artesian Springs water to tap water or another commercial drinking water.  If we give them a choice, they go for the bowl with our water every time!   Please see our Testimonials page for more information.

Our Mineral page will help you understand more about the alkalinity of Artesian springs water.  The trace minerals with which nature infuses water flowing from our wells are the reason why its alkalinity can make an essential contribution to your optimal health and wellness.