Artesian Springs water has not been manipulated by any human intervention.  The earth itself has filtered and purified the water—rising to be bottled directly at the artesian spring wells.  There is no intermediary process that makes this water suitable for drinking, as nature has taken care of the work according her own pristine and pure intelligence. 

Artesian Springs brings you “living water” born of a relationship between the flow of water and the underground mineral sources through which it passes.  In its raw state, our water exceeds drinking water standards.  It is completely free of microbes and pollutants.  Left alone without any imposed industrial processes, it naturally maintains its flavour, absorbability in the body and delicate combination of trace minerals optimal to our health.

Pure water processed by nature is a type of "whole food." It flushes toxins from the body and fortifies health in many other subtle ways.  Like other whole foods, when fresh water from an uncontaminated intact ecosystem is tampered with, it loses most of its precious healing properties.  Water is tampered with any time the ecosystem is disturbed by industrial processes, when pesticides or other toxic chemicals are leached into it because of these processes, when minerals are artificially added to it, or when it is filtered or ionized by machines. These manipulations exert a damaging influence on the natural state of living water, which originally has only enriching and health-promoting properties in perfect alignment with our own biology.

For more information about the health benefits of Artesian Springs water, please see our Alkaline and Spring pages.