Artesian Springs water is pure hydration for the human body—“living water” that is directly bottled at source for you to drink and enjoy. If you have decided that your tap or store is not able to provide the drinking water flavour and quality you desire for you and your family, you can trust that Artesian Springs offers the purest of all sources you may be considering.

Our wells are located downstream from a protected watershed area in the Cowichan Valley, and we serve our Island locally from Nanaimo to Victoria.

The earth's own processes of purification and mineralization have left this water optimally alkaline and free of toxins while fortifying it with a healthy balance of trace minerals.  These processes are part of the magic and mystery of nature, and we don't fully understand their workings.  However, from a health and wellness perspective we do know that because of them Artesian Springs water is more in alignment with our bodies' natural biological blueprint than any human invented means of filtering and purifying water.

Artesian Springs water is special because it is has not been manipulated by any mechanical or industrial intervention. Left in its original state, what comes from our wells and gets delivered to your home or office exceeds all legislated drinking water standards.  Taste and feel the difference today!

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